Why “Keep the ocean clean” label?

Category: News
Date: 06.17.2021

Addressing environmental change and standing behind a cause is believed to be essential in the process of reaching lifelong sustainability. Through different products and labels, we, at Biodeg, managed to come up with a new design for our waste bags that catches the eye, and most importantly- proclaims awareness towards ocean preservation.

Growing marine pollution

It’s no secret that our marine ecosystem is facing mass pollution from shores, bays, and reefs being close to complete deterioration to various animal habitats becoming almost extinct. What we believe acknowledging first is the fact that there exist 2 main types of waste going into the ocean- chemicals, and trash.

Chemical contamination

As reported by National Geographic “Marine Pollution” article, chemical pollution is mainly due to human activities such as the use of fertilizer which results in the outflow of nitrogen and phosphorus in the ocean. Consequently, algal bloom increases and causes harm to marine wildlife and humans.

Trash pollution

Plastic shopping bags and bottles, cigarette butts, plastic toys, food wrappers, etc. are the most damaging to the ocean, humans, and animal habitats. Releasing toxic chemicals that later serve as food for marine species, as well as taking years to break down, plastic eventually becomes part of the human food chain (National Geographic).

How to save our marine ecosystem?

To contribute to a cleaner future for our oceans, we are in charge of raising awareness, acquiring eco practices such as organizing cleanups and turning to non-harming plastic alternative products in our everyday life.

That’s why, this month, we came up with a new design for our relatively new recycled waste bags product at Biodeg. “Keep the ocean clean” Biodeg label is only a small part of our green business, but a valuable one as it advertises the need to take action into preserving our ocean and marine wildlife. With that being said, our team aims at inspiring people to stick to products that are for real going to save the ocean.

The journey to minimizing marine pollution is rather challenging, bumpy, and time-consuming, but it’s for sure needed to ensure all living creatures on our planet Earth a better life.