What’s new?

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Date: 06.07.2021

What’s new?

Recycled Biodeg Carrier bags, Waste bags and Mailers are 3 of the newest products to enter the ever-growing plastic recycling trend. Blue Angel certified as well as made from almost 100% recycled materials, our products represent the most viable approach to tackle the environmental issues we are currently facing. 

Why recycled products?

Being an eco-conscious consumer is all about making the right choices in the most eco-smart way possible. It is an all-known fact that recycled products are here to help us contribute to a more sustainable habitat. They are known for not only saving water and reducing pollution, but as well as proclaiming a quality that lasts. We believe that providing sustainability through recycled products is not only an upward trend, but a new and responsible way of living that deserves to be assimilated.

What we offer?

In our efforts to provide you with the best alternative to conventional plastic, we created Blue Angel labeled carrier bags, waste bags and mailers coming in various size and color, designed carefully based on each client’s preference. According to EuCertPlast, Blue Angel certified products are the ones that meet strict eco-friendly product criteria on the market and are immediately linked with large sustainability.

Having in mind that, recycled Biodeg products are manufactured in a way that helps reverse the carbon footprint we create as consumers by offering authenticity to clients and keeping our planet Earth safe.

What’s next?

So then why not shop, work, do business, receive, and send packages with style and care for our planet?

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