Eat, Serve & Prepare Sustainably

Category: Bioplastics
Date: 07.21.2021

With single-use plastic utensils representing a massive part of the world’s pollution, new ways of handling people and industries’ cutlery consumption have been at our disposal. Biodegradable tableware is only a few of the sustainable products that we, at Biodeg, manufacture, but believe to be the most eco-friendly plastic alternative available.

How dangerous plastic cutlery is?

As any other plastic-made material, single-use plastic utensils have undoubtedly caused harm to waterways, wildlife, the air we breathe, and the environment in general. Conserve Energy Future source indicates that a greater part of the plastic we use is both non-recycled and thrown away without second thoughts for further use. This results in damaged marine wildlife, contaminated air, impassable and toxic waterways, as well as health problems in humans. Often, animals are the ones who confuse plastic cutlery garbage with food or get suffocated when unable to bypass it successfully. Shockingly enough, in certain temperature conditions, eating from plastic utensils could cause irretrievable consequences to the human body (Conserve Energy Future).

How to stop plastic cutlery pollution?

Overall, we can all be kept accounted for the excessive use of disposable plastic utensils. However, it’s up to us as well to reverse the damage we’ve caused so far, and work towards better consumption habits and clean nature. Practices such as using compostable or metal cutlery, in addition to reusing and recycling, are the best solutions so far and the easiest to stick to.

What we offer

As you already know, we aim at doing business in the most sustainable and pollution-free way- by offering biodegradable, compostable, and recycled products on the market.

Our biodegradable and compostable cutlery made from PLA is what you need to keep your business going and growing and do zero harm to our planet Earth.